Intro to Kiting

Length 60 minutes
Location various
Cost $50/person
What’s Included kite/harness/spreader bar
Description This lesson is designed for people who are new to the sport. After first reviewing safe kiting practices, you will use a variety of smaller two and three line training kites to learn the basics of flying a traction kite.
You will learn how to:
• unpack and lauch the kite
• perform basic turns left and right
• move the kite in a figure eight pattern (both directions)
• fly the kite across the wind window
• prerequisite for Snowkiting 101
What you’ll need helmet/warm clothes/boots

Kiting 101

Length 3 hours
Location various
Cost $300/person
What’s included kite /harness/spreader bar/ hot drinks/lunch
Description This lesson is designed for people who have successfully completed the required maneuvers in Intro to kiting . By the end of this lesson, students will be able to safely ski or snowboard behind the kite. Using three and four line kites, you will learn how to:
• unpack and launch the kite
• land the kite
• recover a inverted kite
• move the kite through the wind window to generate pull (both directions)
• use a harness
• safety maneuvers (using the safety features of your kite)
• control the kite to drag student on feet across snow
• ski or snowboard using the kite
• ski upwind (most riders)
What you’ll need helmet/warm clothes/ski or snowboard equipment
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